Sabine Groten Design


Einzelausstellung in der Erholungsgesellschaft AC

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- 08. Dezember 2008 bis 20. Januar 2009 -

Digital 1001-Nights

It is aesthetics taken from a digital “Thousand–and-one-Nights“: ornaments and colour attract the eye magically and drug the mind. … picture puzzles, reflecting arabesques fit into each other, tendrils, blossom forms, bubbles and ellipses, rocaille and rhombuses, made into endless meandering helix chains – and in between always one and the same face – the face of the artist.

Sabine Groten is driven solely by the attraction of her own aesthetics and obsession for optical symmetry. She does not only show her courage concerning carefree and playful histrionics but also always meets herself again in merciless pilot experiments.

The complexity of the universe of pictures seems to be hardly comprehensive at first sight but still: behind the disturbing variety strictly composed algorithms are hiding, composing and calculating the ornaments from few, simple stencils and basic forms. So the beholder feels as if looking into a kaleidoscope - it is a game with the always same thing constantly different.

The artist seems to stop the pictures to show hard and sharp what was lost in decoration just now. It is the photos that are of such amazing brilliance due to the shining finish and still giving us the creeps. The image of the artist can go through all shades of digital hybris: from the bleeding, distorted grimace to the icon; as Undine in algal-coloured arabesque or as still-life in baroque-psychodelic vanitas touch. Is this Self a synthetic creature or a chimera? Perhaps something like a matrix perfecting the Ego or a chrysalis, nothing else? Are all our real faces left behind by a virtual identity and becoming masks?

Sabine Groten is generating irritating tapestries while using overlapping, intersection and distortion and a strangely deceptive lightness of breathing colour spaces. It cannot be denied that it is dangerous ground. At first sight these aesthetics seem to be so narcissistic, that they only refer towards themselves, that only the surface of things is to be seen. That is the reason why Sabine Groten´s art is so vast, so full of signs. As if reality stopped existing, as if there were only signs. But also the surface of the world is changing permanently. Perhaps it takes new eyes to see.

Text (Original Deutsch): Helga Scholl
Übersetzung: Ulrike Lennartz

Bildmaterial: Der Kunsthandel, Bad Aachen, Top Magazin Aachen, Sabine Groten

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